Avoid This Setup | Golf Stance Decoded

***🎥SEE IF THE PIVOT & TURN IS RIGHT FOR YOUR GAME.--CLICK BELOW ✅*** https://www.ggswingtipsgolf.com/pl/3572 TRY AN ONLINE LESSON ⬇️⛳️⬇️ https://www.ggswingtipsgolf.com/online-lessons As golfers establish a proper swing stance, they begin to notice huge improvements in their game. Instead of an outing plagued by frustration and shortcomings, players begin to experience the joy of the sport as their techniques improve. Establishing good swing posture at address acts as the first step towards increase power and expanded control over where your ball lands. George Gankas golf lessons have assisted players from around the globe. Bundled under the GG Swing Method Online Golf Academy, players in nearly every continent have applied George Gankas golf strategies to their game and improved drastically over a short period of time. One of the main ways players improve their posture comes by finding the proper width in their swing stance. Because legs are the foundation of our swing stance, finding the best width will allow your knees to flex as needed. At address, players will notice their legs are shoulder width apart. Longer clubs will require the stance to be expanded. On shorter clubs, the width of your stance will be shortened by just a couple inches. This will allow better posture for short game shots like chips and pitches. Golfers also benefit from paying close attention to how their toes and feet react during their golf swings. Your toes play a huge role in your swing stance. Pointing them at an angle will be detrimental to the overall shot you produce. The angle of your lead foot should point slightly outward in the direction of your target. The trail foot will work best if it sits at a 90 degree angle in relation to the intended target. Placing your feet correctly during address will drastically expand your overall flexibility while also increasing the speed of rotation throughout your entire body. Ensure that you properly distribute your body weight between your heels and toes. In order to achieve more powerful shots, make sure your body weight shifts depending on which club you're using at the time. Longer clubs will benefit from more weight being distributed to your trail foot. When using shorter clubs, you should distribute more of your body weight to the target side foot, which can vary depending on which hand your favor in play. VISIT OUR WEBSITE TODAY FOR MORE GREAT GOLF TIPS! https://www.ggswingtipsgolf.com COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video could improve your game. Want a detailed online golf performance plan, to improve your golf game? Check out how to improve your game https://www.ggswingtipsgolf.com/pl/4090 Follow GG SWINGTIPS GOLF 24/7 on social media: ▣ TWITTER - https://twitter.com/ggswingtipsgolf ▣ FACEBOOK - https://facebook.com/ggswingtips/ ▣ WEBSITE - https://ggswingtipsgolf.com