GOLF: Perfect Golf Swing Setup And Posture - Eric Cogorno Golf Lesson

Perfect Golf Swing Setup And Posture - Eric Cogorno Golf Lesson This is a portion of an in-person lesson I had with Patrick. In this lesson, Patrick and I worked together on the setup fundamentals and follow through pieces to to get his contact more consistent and tighten his overall ball pattern. **Members of get access to the full, unedited version of this lesson. Go to for more information _______________ **Want me to take a look at your swing? Then check out our membership site at Premium and Elite members get access to our Facebook group where you can post your swings and I can take a look and give you feedback. **You can find our entire catalog of Master Classes at (Premium and Elite members of get all of our individual golf courses for free with membership) ** Live View Golf is my favorite tool for golf swing feedback. Take a look at the LiveView+PLUS use the coupon code ECGOLF to get $40 off your purchase **Get more information about my golf schools and schedule lessons with me at **Join me every Monday at 5:00 PM EST for my live Q&A sessions right here on YouTube! _______________ **Unleash your speed! All golfers can increase their distance with SuperSpeed Golf. Find out how at **Never worry about golf gloves again! Get the best glove at the best price delivered right to your doorstep! Go to and use the coupon code ECGOLF to get 10% off your first shipment. **Book. Play. Track. Improve. All with the Hole 19 Golf App Go to and use the promo code: ECOGORNO30 to get 30% off the first subscription period of any subscription plan on Hole 19’s website. (Only available via WEB subscription not on App or Play Stores) _______________ Follow and Like us at: #ericcogornogolf