Golf Stance and Ball Position (How Close To Stand)

Golf Stance and Ball Position. How Close To Stand is good to know for ball position in your golf setup. Golf ball position for your fairway woods and definitely ball position for driver. Proper ball position in golf with your irons set up ball position in correctly all the time. How to set up to the golf ball is the last and final step in GAPS. Golf set up and ball position are the last video in the 4 part mini series filled with golf tips. Some of the most common questions are golf ball placement in stance and golf stance width. They will both be answer as well as golf stance feet and golf stance for begginers. HOW CLOSE DO I STAND TO THE GOLF BALL is going to be answered in this video with Coach Shayain. FREE DOWNLOAD OF GAPS Link: Golf Distillery image taken from: Say Hi On Social :) 🌐 📸 Instagram: 📱Facebook: 👻 Snapchat: 📧 #Golfstance #ballposition #golfsetup #coachshayain