How to position YOUR feet (Golf swing set up)

How to position YOUR feet (Golf swing set up) A good set up for your golfswing can make a huge difference to your performance. The issue you may come across is the best position for one person can be detrimental to another. In this video, Steve Buzza talks foot positioning and how YOU should have them. Buzza Golf aims to create a fun community for golfer to learn about their golf game and highlight the improvements they can make alongside playing vlogs that showcase the good time you can have on the course. #findYOURswing #golfsetup Steve Buzza is a UK PGA Golf Professional and Sport Scientist currently based in South West Florida. Buzza Golf is a specialist in Driving Performance, recently completing a Biomechanics research Masters thesis 'THE EFFECT OF TASK CONSTRAINTS ON KINEMATIC AND KINETIC VARIABLES IN GOLF DRIVING PERFORMANCE' which explored velocity generation and functional variability. Originally from Exeter in the South West of England Steve moved to to the USA in November 2017. Previously he was the Performance coach for a UK number 1 ranked university golf program and Head of Instruction for David Leadbetter at David's Bangkok facility. Subscribe to the Channel Follow me on Twitter @SteveBuzzaGolf Follow me to Instagram @Buzzagolf Facebook Book a Lesson: