Stance Distance From Golf Ball ➜ Play Consistent Golf

Stance Distance From Golf Ball ➜ Play Consistent Golf In this video I show you how to get the right stance distance from the golf ball every time. Being set up right is important in golf and a big part of this is ensuring you're the right distance from the golf ball. Done correctly you increase your chances of making great golf swings that strike consistent golf shots. Golfers of all handicap levels can learn this and immediately apply it to their game and achieve outstanding results. Practice this stance distance from the golf ball method and you'll be well on your way to playing better golf. Simple and easy to perform with no complex movements to remember. Enjoy the feeling of setting up to the golf ball quickly and correctly leading to better rounds of golf. Specifically, I give you 3 tips that teach you the correct stance distance from the golf ball: 1. What determines right distance 2. Why incorrect distance is harmful 3. Get set up right every time TWEET THIS VIDEO: RESOURCES & LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: ⬇️ Sign up to watch your FREE training: 3 Secret Moves Used By The Pros CONNECT WITH ME: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YOUTUBE GOLF TIPS PLAYLIST: Pure your golf iron shots Get correct golf impact position Hit longer golf drives Make a great golf backswing Make correct golf takeaway Start the golf downswing right Get golf swing on plane Beginner golfers tips How to fix your golf slice Golf swing faults and fixes Hole more putts Get the perfect golf set up How to chip the golf ball Play recovery shots in golf Warm up for golf properly GOLF INSTRUCTION: Want to take your golf game to the next level? Check out Troy’s 7 steps to playing better golf and play the golf you’ve always dreamed of. ⬇️ Find out more about these 7 steps below: FREE GOLF INSTRUCTION VIDEO: Sick of your poor ball-striking? Sign up and watch this free video that shows you how to become a better ball-striker in just 10 minutes. No more thin, fat, topped or chunked golf shots. Find out more below: ⬇️ Sign up for the Free Video here: 👍 Do you like this video? Like it & share it with friends! 🔔 Turn on post Notifications to get all my latest updates 📥 Comment Below to share your opinion! 👇 SUBSCRIBE TO HITTING IT SOLID CHANNEL NOW 👇 Subscribe Now ➜ #PlayBetterGolf #LowerGolfScores #StanceDistanceFromGolfBall