Titleist Tips: Posture and Stance in Golf

To develop a powerful and repeatable golf swing you need to sort out two crucial fundamentals - how far to stand from the golf ball and how much to bend over from the waist. Getting these details right will greatly improve your chances of moving freely and delivering the center of the club face to the golf ball. In this video, Titleist staff instructor Ben Blalock shares his simple method for achieving both. Standing tall and holding the club only in the lead hand (left hand for a right-handed golfer), stay tall and bring your hands together, in front of your pelvis. To do this, you’ll need to bow forward a little bit, to make room for your hands. The key thing to remember is don’t raise your arms to grip the club. By sliding the club head along the ground as you assume your grip, you’ll ensure that your arms hang freely from your shoulders, reducing tension. Once you’ve gripped the handle with both hands and you’ve established how far to bend forward, make small steps with your feet to align the center of the club behind the ball. Do not reach for the ball with your hands and arms. Keep them hanging freely and use your feet to get the club to the ball. Finally, widen your feet to a comfortable width, positioning the ball in the center of your stance. Your knees will flex naturally and you’ll be in an athletic position, ready to start your swing. Work on this routine and you’ll soon start seeing the results in more solid and consistent golf shots.