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PGA Champion golfer Tom Watson shows you how to improve your grip on the golf club. Proper grip pressure is a must if you want to hit better shots. Transcript: "When I play in pro-ams or with amateurs and I see this. I know that person has too much grip pressure, they're gripping on to the golf club way too tightly. This chapter is about the proper grip pressure. First of all, let's talk about where the pressure points are on the grip. Pressure points in the grip on the left hand are these last three fingers of the left hand. They grip the golf club like this. In the right hand, it's the middle two fingers right here that hold on to the golf club in the right hand. It's not the forefinger and the thumb, but it's the middle two fingers of the right hand. You don't want to increase the pressure at all in the golf swing. It will increase naturally in the downswing with the centrifugal force, but it doesn't get really tight at any time in the golf swing. Especially the right hand. You want that right hand, when it's in the hitting area right there, to be able to be flexible and just fire through there like that, compressing the ball and creating club head speed." Still haven’t subscribed to Golf Digest on YouTube? ►► ABOUT GOLF DIGEST Home of the annual Hot List, instructional videos, news and trends, Golf Digest is the definitive destination for all-things golf. Tom Watson on How To Improve Your Golf Grip | Golf Tips | Golf Digest